Just Heavenly!

Helping you to look and feel just heavenly!

Handmade soaps, mineral makeup, deodorant, lotions, sugar scrubs, shampoo bars, bath bombs, wax melts, and soy candles. A family owned business.

Heavenly Scents

"Just Heavenly!" actually started as only "Heavenly Scents" back in December 2007 when Vanessa got a Christmas soap-making kit from her beloved husband. Her melt-and-pour soap-making kit marked the beginning of her addiction! Her new obsession took her on a trek to bigger and better things: the world of cold-pressed soap-making. Through much trial and error, experimenting with amounts of specialty oils and fragrances, Vanessa soon perfected her soap formula. 

Did she leave well enough alone? Good HEAVENS, no! Not only was Vanessa loving the SMELL of the soaps, but it was her desire to make them all GORGEOUS! And that they are! Soon Vanessa developed several different soaps with a variety of scents and designs. 

That was only the beginning. Now, Vanessa makes not only gorgeous Goat Milk Soap, but she also added to the Heavenly Scents line her soy candles, wax melts, Shea Lotion Sticks and Tins, Lip Balms, Bath Bombs, Sugar Scrubs, Shaving Soap, Shampoo Bars, and her latest two producs: Shower Steamers and Face Masks!

Heavenly Hues

Vanessa's sister Jennifer, a graphic artist, was smitten with the soaps herself and convinced her sister that a website was in order. . . as was a logo, business cards, labels, etc. But, the more Jennifer became steeped in the business graphically the more she was intrigued with the products themselves. The result? The mysterious soaping bug struck again!

Soon Jennifer developed the "Heavenly Hues" line of mineral makeup to Just Heavenly! which includes foundations, concealers, finishing powders, blushes,  eye shadow, nail polish, lipstick, and lip gloss. 

Because of the popularity of Jennifer's Heavenly Scents' natural deodorant she keeps adding new fragrances, like: Amber & Earth, Mariner, Savannah Bay, Island Coconut, Cedar & Saffron, and the latest Sandalwood!  And YES, . . .  it REALLY works!

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