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"I made my first purchase at the Cranfest in Warren's WI. I LOVE your Goat Milk Soap!!! My all time favorite is "Rose Bouquet" I was so sad when you stopped attending Cranfest, however I'm glad I kept your business card and found you online!
Your Goat Milk Soap is top of the line! It lathers and keeps it’s fragrance to the end of the bar. I have not been able to find anything that compares to ‘Just Heavenly’ Goat Milk Soap!" ~ Anne, Madison, WI

“I've started using the Shampoo bar - Tea Tree & Lavender. My hair loves it! The lather comes up quickly, the scent is lovely, and using the ACV rinse - I have no build up in my hair.... hence a bounce and fullness that I don't remember ever having. I will be a regular user - no more fancy salon products that are over-priced for me.”
~ Lisa, Rice Lake, WI

“I am EXTREMELY happy with my purchase of these two new and natural products. I can't believe how good the shampoo lathers up. I have only used it for a few weeks but my very long and thick hair is very happy! My scalp condition is vastly improving, which is huge considering a dermatologist told me I HAD to use medicated shampoos for the rest of my life!! Not in MY life! I have been determined to find something natural, without chemicals and nice to my hair. AND something that is easy to use. I absolutely love this product!!! AND the deodorant---well let me tell you how against "regular" deodorants I have been for years. I quit wearing deodorant years ago for health reasons--it is EXTREMELY toxic and just wrong! But feeling embarrassed about odor at work or around others, I still chose to use it. I have been waiting for this product my whole life!!! I am using the cedar and saffron scent, and yes--it is truly heavenly! I am a heavy sweater--not happy about it--just the truth. I feel VERY confident with this product, more than EVER before in my life with ANY other alternatives OR traditional use. I catch myself often smelling something that is so totally wonderful---and then smile, realizing it is me!!!” — Maggie, Spooner, WI

“I cannot believe the success I have using the shampoo bar! Many attempts at going "no poo" with a baking soda solution were unsuccessful for me, always resulting in greasy, straw-like and stringy hair. I could never make it through the adjustment phase. Not the case with this shampoo bar! Within a week, all chemical and synthetic shampoo buildup on my hair was gone, leaving my hair soft, bouncy, and healthy. No yucky transitioning for 2-4 weeks. Since I am sensitive to chemical and perfume-y scents, this bar is perfect. Plus, it lathers beautifully. I am grateful I can finally use a healthy, non-toxic product on my hair and scalp!” — Becky

“My experience with this company and their products has been wonderful. I heard about them through a friend, who shared Jennifer's contact info with me. Jennifer responded right away to my text expressing interest in her products. I was able to meet her at her house to take a look at her foundations, blush and eye shadows, and amazed at how patient she was in showing me how to apply it all. Their products are high quality but without a high price. I'm recommending Just Heavenly as a healthier and more affordable option. Thank you for such a great experience!” — Debbie, St. Paul, MN

"The Heavenly Hues Foundation is amazing! It covers and blends in perfectly, does not dry out my skin, and feels fresh. I used it last week while working outdoors 10 hours a day for 12 days and it worked great as a sunscreen - not once did I get sunburned, even when only applying it once in the morning. I cannot recommend your makeup products enough - they are fabulous. Thank you!!" — Wendy, Roseville, MN

" I love the lotion stick & lotion in a tin! They are so easy to use, without any mess and leave my skin so smooth & soft! The tins are great for throwing in your purse to take along anywhere." — Lana, Saint Francis, MN


"I have always been a huge fan of bubble baths but nothing compares to having a nice warm bath with the amazing BATH BOMBS that HEAVENLY SCENTS offers!!! I have tried all the smells and everytime, not just me but my WHOLE bathroom will smell just wonderful. When you are having a stressful day and need some time to relax forget a candle and bubble bath, all you need is a bath bomb from Heavenly Scents. :) I can't imagine taking a bath without one of their bombs, and after your bath you won't be dissapointed on how soft your skin feels." —Kasey, Eau Claire, WI

" I have been trying every bath bomb I could get my hands on. I don't need to search anymore! Heavenly Scents has the most luxurious, moisturizing spa-day experience with one bath bomb than any other brand I have used, hands down! It's marvelous how I can stick my arm in the water, pull it out, and I can feel where my skin was moisturized and where it wasn't! Even opening the box it came in is an amazing experience! (My whole house smells lovely!) I'm so excited to try my latest order out! I got several. It's affordable, after all!" —Anna, Fort Wayne, IN

"I appreciate you for creating and supplying makeup that is not only safe to use but goes on easily and smoothly, looks natural, lasts all day and helps me look my best. I feel good about wearing it. So, I hope you keep this going!" —Leoma, Andover, MN

"I'm hopelessly in love with your makeup!!! The Wash 'n Wear has been a miracle. I have used it every day as an addition to my face cream as well as a liquid to my concealer. My skin feels so clean and fresh. I'm so happy!!" —Jenny, Lino Lakes, MN

"Just received my first order with you and I am more then a little impressed. :) I have been a die-hard Bare Minerals user for a LONG time and your products have totally converted me to your items. :) Coverage and blending is flawless and I certainly will become a regular customer!!"
— Joanne, Janesville, WI

"I've never been a big makeup person until Jennifer introduced me to her natural mineral makeup line, Heavenly Hues, and now I'm obsessed! Her makeup gives you that smooth coverage and tint of color that turns your already beautiful self into a TOTAL BOMBSHELL. Not only is her makeup completely affordable compared to competitors, but she ships everywhere, so if you're not in the Minneapolis area, no problem! Everyone check out her mineral makeup line, Heavenly Hues, at www.justheavenly.org/heavenly-hues-products. Can't wait to try these new colors!" —Lexy, Denver, CO

"I love how the Heavenly Hues mineral foundation matches my skin fabulously, and the blush Jennifer helped me pick out looks completely natural with my coloring (and I haven’t worn blush in years prior to the Mineral Blush). It covers nearly flawlessly; my daughter’s skin blemishes nearly disappear, and my uneven skin tones completely disappear. I really like the fact that the make-up is crafted in small batches using natural ingredients, so I know the product is both fresh and good for my skin." —Denise, Spooner, WI

"I have tried everything from the low to high end brands, and from liquid to mineral makeups and have broken out from them all. My skin is just that sensitive. I was finally resigned to using the one that made me break out the least, . . . or wearing no makeup at all. Jennifer told me about her new makeup line and I was very skeptical—after all, the other makeups had claimed to be all natural and wouldn't irritate my skin. After using it the first day, I was amazed. My skin did not itch or breakout, and when I finally took it off at the end of the day my skin still looked hydrated. I love this makeup!" —Jennifer, Maple Grove, MN

"I was so blessed to find Heavenly Scents' goat milk soaps and mineral foundation, for many reasons. I have very sensitive, dry skin that also has rosacea (redness). The goat milk soap soothed it immediately this morning, and now in mid-afternoon my skin is still dewy and not dry at all. Additionally, the mineral foundation is the first makeup I've used IN MY LIFE that I didn't want to take off my face immediately! This mineral foundation does not make my face itch, and it covers beautifully."—Debb, Arden Hills, MN

"After wearing liquid foundation for most of my adult life, I tried Bare Minerals because I heard it was better for my skin. It didn’t provide the coverage I needed so I went back to a heavy, full-coverage liquid makeup. Thankfully I found out about Heavenly Hues mineral makeup! I tried it and fell in love with how light it feels while still giving me the coverage I need. I use the concealer for the dark circles under my eyes and I instantly look more refreshed! I’m a huge fan and highly recommend this fantastic product! Thank you Jennifer!" —Brenda, Rockford, MN

"I love this make up! Plus - It doesn't melt off my face like EVERYTHING else does. LOVE IT! Perfect color too!" —Justine, Rice Lake, WI

"I love it—and the color is great!" —Bobbi, Bruce, WI

"I love the Fairly Light foundation I received from you! I usually use Bare Ecsentials and I can honestly say I prefer your product over what I used prior. This product gives my face a matte, shine-free look that I love." —Rebekah, Eau Claire, WI

"The makeup is so good! It spreads perfectly on my face and leaves a nice even look for everyone to see. I definitely recommend it to everyone!" —Hannah, Spooner, WI

"Heavenly Hues Mineral Foundation is fantastic! It looks so smooth and natural and is great for my skin. Not to mention having a great price!"—Anna, Deer Lodge, MT

"I love it! Before, I was using cheaper foundation that was clogging my pores. When I switched to this I noticed that my skin has been clearing up. It goes on very smooth and feels very light on my skin. I am very happy with it." —Rachel, Holmen, WI

"I made my first purchase of your at the Cranberry Festival in Warrens. I was there with my daughter and she also bought your products. We have both been very happy with your products." — Karen, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

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