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Handmade soaps, mineral makeup, deodorant, lotions, sugar scrubs, shampoo bars, bath bombs, wax melts, and soy candles. A family owned business.

Application Tips

Applying Foundation

Twirl on, Tap off, Buff away! 

Follow Heavenly Hues' method below. This will help you get a fresh, natural look—and, will prevent wastage!

  1. Moisturize your face. The mineral powder adheres to the natural oil of your skin, and if your face is too dry, the powder might end up looking like—well, . . . powder. Apply lotion and wait 5-10 minutes for proper blending.
  2. If Concealer is used, apply this next. Use a soft nylon brush that won't irritate the delicate skin around the eyes.
  3. Sift a small amount of Foundation into the cap of the jar. This helps avoid using too much, and you could always add more if needed. Start with just a pinch.
  4. TWIRL the kabuki brush in the cap, then TAP the brush to dust off the extra powder. A kubuki brush is important in covering large areas of your face and the buffing process. An inferior brush might make the make-up look artificial. 
  5. Apply the foundation by BUFFING the brush on your skin in a circular motion. Start lightly on the cheeks and move off to the side of your face. Continue by buffing the powder all over your face. This helps adhere the foundation to the natural oils of your skin. The more you buff, the heavier the coverage will be. This may take practice to find the right technique.

Applying Blush

  1. Sift a small amount of Mineral Blush into the cap of the jar.
  2. Dab your tapered blush brush in the cap, tapping the brush to remove excess powder. Sweep the brush on your cheek below the middle of your eye (up along your cheekbone) toward the direction of the top of your ear until you reach slightly into the hairline.
  3. To give our blush a blended look, use your Kabuki to buff over the blush.

Applying Finishing Powder

Instructions for using the Finishing Powder are very like the instructions for applying foundation.

  1. Sift a small amount of Finishing Powder into the cap of the jar. Be careful not to use too much. Finishing Powder gives a natural polished look, but if too much is used your face will appear dried out.
  2. TWIRL the kabuki brush in the cap, then TAP the brush to dust off the extra powder. The consistency ofFinishing Powder is different than foundation, and the color may not seem to match. Don't be fooled! The lightness of the product allows for more transparency.
  3. Buff awayFinishing Powder sets your makeup. Start buffing the powder into the center of your face, working your way out to the edges.
  4. Go out on the town. You look gorgeous! Go out and have fun!

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